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Blog Not Dogs: The Meat Free Hot Dogs Brand – Quorn

Not Dogs: The Meat Free Hot Dogs Brand – Quorn

Quorn introduces Katie and Jane, the creators of Not Dogs. Find out why they decided to start their own hot dog business and how they went about successfully introducing vegetarian fast food to the UK...

Our vegetarian food brand; Not Dogs was created this year after we struggled to find mouth-watering veggie food and trustworthy meaty meals that satisfied that 'fast food' needed while at festivals, gigs and outdoor events. Not Dogs aims to provide food lovers, with delicious, fun, quality food that consistently excites and amazes the tastebuds. In a sentence - Meaty Dogs Without The Meat!

At the heart of our Not Dogs lies a deliciously juicy 8” Quorn Bratwurst which we pack with our unique, homemade toppings featuring guacamole, beer-fried onions, houmous and lots more! Foodies can choose from Plain Jane, Kickin' Katie Nacho Dog (see what we did there!), The Original Frank, Hello Houmous and Top o' the Mornin' Dog.

In our first year we have taken our bright purple zig-zagged Not Dogs truck to six major summer festivals including Lovebox in London and Festival No6 in Wales, with feedback from customers and press exceeding anything we could have ever imagined. Festival-goers have even recreated their own Not Dogs at home using the Quorn Frankfurter available in supermarkets & shared their creations with us on Instagram!

When choosing our vegetarian hot dog, Quorn was our first choice for a number of reasons. It was important to us to ensure the quality of the sausage was paramount and that customers could trust the source of their food – something we’ve found very low down the list of priorities from outdoor food vendors across the board. Vegetarians are often an after-thought on many menus but we wanted to put them first and are proud to serve Quorn and often be the only purely vegetarian option at many events. We also wanted to appeal to meat-eaters to inspire them that vegetarian food can be lots of fun and just as substantial and the Quorn Bratwurst texture and taste make it a sausage both enjoyable and delicious to eat for vegetarians, meat-eaters and meat-reducers. Finally, we wanted to ensure we use a product that impacts on the environment, and us, in a positive way. We researched the product, met the passionate team of people behind Quorn’s sustainability efforts and spent lots of time tasting and perfecting our Not Dogs and found Quorn a wonderful fit.

After an exciting summer of fun meeting new-found Not Dogs fans, we joined Quorn at University Fresher’s Weeks in Leeds and Bournemouth where we excitedly unveiled our new Not Dogs; Cha-Chilli Dog & Ticklish Tikka Dog – both toppings made with Quorn Mince and Chicken Pieces. Students at both universities were delighted and we had lots of exciting feedback across our social media channels.

We are now busy preparing for Christmas where we will be appearing at the beautiful Oxford Christmas Market between 11th and 21st of December. We’re so excited at the thought of having our first ‘pop-up’ Not Dogs home there during December and making history as the first vegetarian German sausage at a Christmas market in the UK! We hope to see you there, and, if not in Oxford, on our travels in 2015.

To keep up with our news and where we shall be heading to next follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/notdogsUK) and Instagram (http://instagram.com/notdogsuk) or visit www.notdogs.co.uk

Happy Hotdogs! ;)