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For the love of Quorn

For the love of Quorn

I won't lie, for the past 24 years of my life I have been a pretty dedicated meat eater. Probably not the most likely of sentences to hear from a brand new Quorn Blogger Ambassador! Or maybe it is? More and more people I speak to these days are substituting meat for Quorn in their day to day meals.

I have a lot of vegetarian friends who cook with Quorn for the obvious reason, however as I am not one myself I never really thought I had a reason to make this change to my meals. I have struggled with my weight from my late teens, as a lot of young females do with pressure from the media and photos of celebrities everywhere whom we 'should' aspire to look like.

Healthy meals, not fad diets

However in the past year or so, something has changed for me and my attitude has shifted. I no longer take part in fad diets or obsess over my weight. I decided that I wanted to make a long term lifestyle change. A way of life that is healthy, with nutritious meals rather than counting calories and essentially starving myself then feeling guilty for days on end if I enjoyed a tiny slice of cake with my afternoon cuppa!

Quorn – an ever-expanding range

I often used to pass the Quorn section in my local supermarket never taking much notice. However as the years have gone by, the range has expanded from meat free ham slices and meat free sausages, to quarter pounder burgers, meat free chicken fillets, cheese and leek escallops (just a few of my favourites) and the list goes on! So in my journey to a new healthy lifestyle (and hopefully one that will be here to stay) substituting Quorn into either my lunch or dinner each day seemed like the next step to take. And a very easy one at that!

The fitness freak inside me is very happy to know that this small step will be helping me reduce my saturated fat and calorie intake as opposed to if I used the meat alternative. There are also environmental bonuses to consider too, as in the western society we eat far too much meat and the supply is struggling to meet our demand (the recent horse meat scandal being clear proof...)

So here’s to Quorn, for vegetarians, meat-eaters and healthy eaters alike!