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Marathon Training, Diet & Running Tips by Pavelka - Quorn

Marathon Training, Diet & Running Tips by Pavelka - Quorn

Jessie Pavelka, internationally recognised as a Fitness and Wellbeing Expert, offers his tips on training for a marathon. For the past 10 years, Jessie has been dedicated to helping others to stay in control of their weight through an active lifestyle and by developing practical solutions to exercise and nutrition. Jessie advocates products such as Quorn Mince, a healthy protein* source, because it’s great for those seeking to lead an active lifestyle and eat healthily.

Create a marathon training plan

Make sure you give yourself enough time; training for a marathon should take 6 - 8 weeks ideally. Slowly build up the distance and duration that you run. You should never run the marathon distance until the day, but make sure you’re prepared for long distances. If you have a busy life, try shorter runs during the week, and a longer run at the weekend. Remember that recovery days are also important for rebuilding muscle.

When you’re training, set yourself goals. Try and shave off time, or add extra distance each time. This is a great way of charting your progress.

Correct Your Marathon Running Form

Make sure you’re comfortable moving; figure out your stride and running style. Long distance running requires longer strides, so you’ll need you use your arms to propel you forward. Work out a good rhythm and stick to it. It might even be worthwhile seeking specialist advice on ensuring you perfect your running form going into the marathon in order to avoid injury.

Good shoes are pretty crucial and will also help you avoid injury. Wear them throughout your training to ensure they’re comfortable and thoroughly broken in.

Stick to a Marathon Nutrition Plan - Practice and Protein

Your body will need a lot of nutrition in the run up to the marathon, so make sure you have a carefully planned out marathon diet plan. As part of this, protein is critical for recovery and building strength. Muscles are nourished by protein. Follow Mo Farah’s example and eat plenty of healthy proteins such as Quorn in the build up to the big day.

Nutrition really is critical to your success in training and on the day of the marathon itself. Carbohydrate will give you the energy that you need to fuel you through the distance. While you run the marathon, take glucose tablets for that regeneration and the quick burst of energy needed. Afterwards, make sure you rebuild your muscle mass by replenishing with a healthy protein* source.

Keeping hydrated is really important. You lose a lot of sodium through sweating, so drinks with electrolytes can have a role to play. However, if you’re not keen on sports drinks, try coconut water.

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*Quorn Mince, Quorn Meat Free Chicken Pieces and Quorn Standard Sausages are a nutritionally healthy protein source. Protein contributes to a growth in and maintenance of muscle mass