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Dipping a toe in the water for Anxiety Relief

Dipping a toe in the water for Anxiety Relief

I suffer with anxiety; each day is a fight against the heart pumping, breathing faster and no cause anxiety that eats anyway inside me. Over the years I have come up with many coping strategies, deep breathing, sleeping, playing board games, reading and even blogging are just some, but none of those get rid of the adrenaline pumping through my veins quite like getting out and getting some exercise.

I should probably tell you that my mobility isn’t that good – so pounding the pavement just isn’t something I can do these days, nor is hitting the treadmill at the gym, however popping for a swim at the local pool, letting the water take my weight and taking it one stroke at a time is just as good as any of the aforementioned cures.

With each stoke as I move along the pool I can feel my fight or flight reactions ebbing, the need to scream and cry dying down and my anxiety slowly easing away, my heart rate although raised through the exercise, no longer pounding for no reason and while it isn’t a cure that will last forever a good swim at least once a week really helps to ease the overall effects of my anxiety, which I’m sure not only is a great help to my mental health but also my physical health inside and out. 

It really is amazing what some time out to work your body can do for you. It doesn’t always have to be about getting fit – sometimes it’s just about relieving anxiety or stress levels and taking some time to yourself, which swimming does perfectly for me. Most of all it doesn’t have to boring, you can keep searching for the right type for you, after all we don’t all need to like the same thing.

If you’re swimming or taking part in any other sort of regular exercise, make sure you have enough protein in your diet, as it aids recovery.  Products like Quorn Mince, Quorn Sausages and Quorn Chicken Pieces are healthy sources of protein*.

What sort of work out do you like to do, does it help you in other ways?

Sarah from lifeinabreakdown.com