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6 Tips on How to eat healthier

6 Tips on How to eat healthier

Sometimes I find it so hard to eat healthily – I can say hand on heart I would much rather reach for a chocolate bar than something I know is healthy; but the after effects aren’t so nice, dealing with the guilt that comes with being naughty and reaching for the wrong choice. So I have come up with some ‘more’ healthy choices I try to reach for instead and being not a great cook they are all really simple and easy. You too can now start reaping the benefits of eating healthy.

1. Fruit.

I love fruit; however my other half doesn’t really eat it, so quite often I find buying large whole fruits or packs often ends up with some being thrown away, as I never manage to make it through it all before it starts to go off. But I’ve found that the kid’s lunchbox packs are great – ok they cost a little more, but they allow me to snack on a variety of fruit, that I would otherwise I have to pass on – such as Mango, Pineapple and Melon.

2. Nuts

 I probably get this one from my Dad as he is a total nut-fiend, I personally though like just a small amount of nuts – I find with all the crunching, I actually don’t need many to make me feel like I have eaten quite a lot, plus it’s often quite nice to throw in some raisins with them as well.

3. Rice Cakes.

This one probably isn’t for everyone as I eat my rice cakes dry – it comes from my childhood when I remember eating them at a friend’s house and it just stuck after that, (ok when I’m being naughty I might add some marmite and cheese).

4. Low fat Yoghurt

I normally go for either a strawberry flavour or perhaps a natural and have a spoonful with some fruit, or with a little bit of honey, it just gives the option to have something different, depending on how I feel.

5. Meat Free Quorn Products

Meat free products such as Quorn, contain plenty of protein needed for an active lifestyle, as well as being suitable for vegetarians. Ingredients such as Meat Free Chicken Pieces are the perfect complement to a salad.

6. Popcorn

This choice may cause you to ask yourself – what is healthy eating? However I love warm popcorn, there is something comforting about it and of course it is something you can add so many different flavourings to – I’ve become quite partial to just a little black pepper on mine.

What is your favourite quick and easy healthy snack?