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How to Feed 10 Billion People

How to Feed 10 Billion People

This Saturday the University of York offered up a fascinating day of talks and discussions as part of the Festival of Ideas, sponsored by Quorn. The stage played host to some big names in the world of food and welcomed a crowd of nearly 1000 avid foodies throughout the day.

The Future of Food: How to feed 10 billion people, saw some of the world’s best authorities offer their insights on a range of issues, including the challenges of feeding a growing population, food sustainability and security, crop production, food culture and the future of GM foods.

The day presented some really positive, solution-based approaches to the critical issue of supporting a rapidly growing population. Professor Charles Godfrey led with a call to action for consumers; to demand more sustainable production and to rethink how and what we consume.

Quorn’s own Dr. Tim Finnigan illustrated how Quorn could really make the difference as a 21st century Healthy Fast Food.  The product is excellent for diet and health, whilst also being a more sustainable and resource-efficient way to produce high quality protein.

For example, if a million consumers ate Quorn mince instead of beef just once a week over the course of a year, we would require approximately 12,500 fewer acres of land. Whilst as much of 24kg of feed are required to produce just 1kg of edible beef, only 2kg of wheat is needed to make 1kg Quorn. The logic of switching to Quorn is quite simple!

Attendees also heard about a number of ground-breaking scientific developments in food production, including the ‘purple tomato’ which has been developed by Professor Cathy Martin, and could significantly reduce the risk of cancer in humans.

The huge insecurities we are facing across the planet with regard to food supply will only be tackled through consumers making demands, and with scientists and companies, such as Quorn, looking for solutions. The Future of Food could be bright after all.

For more information on the event visit http://yorkfestivalofideas.com/2014/focus-days/future-of-food/

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