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Eating Activities for the kids

Eating Activities for the kids

Trying to keep the family active is hard work. My husband is not very active at all and both of my daughters would prefer to be sat in front of a computer screen rather than be out and enjoying the sunshine.  This might seem ok in the winter when it is cold weather but I’d still like them be a little active and this is why we bought the Kinect for the Xbox, they can still be active even when they are stuck indoors. The Kinect that works with the Xbox has many games available for children that are fun and get them moving without knowing they are actually exercising as such. I have found that I can even get my husband to have a go once in a while.

In the warmer weather it is a little easier to organise family activities and days out, they like the sunshine and the warmth. I try to get my youngest outside on her bike at least 4 out of 7 days for an hour. At weekends if it is nice we will usually take a walk to the park in the village, take a walk up to the farm and in the woods. We like to spot rabbits and other animals and pick blackberries when they are ripe.

Sometimes I can even get the whole family to do a three mile bike ride around the village and farms but that is few and far between unfortunately.

On rainy days we like to do a spot of cooking at home. It’s healthy and fun to do something with the whole family. I think it’s important to keep healthy even when you’re sat at home. That’s why I often buy Quorn’s products. The kids love the Meat Free Sausages and it provides them with plenty of protein as well.

We live in a small village with the countryside surrounding us and nothing for two miles or so, it is so peaceful with not many vehicles on the road, you may get the odd tractor or horse. I want the family to enjoy the serenity of it while they can by walking around, biking around etc because who knows what will happen in the future, probably more houses being built which will make it noisier and less wildlife around and they get exercise without thinking about it too!