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Bank Holiday BBQ: Healthier Barbecue Recipe

Bank Holiday BBQ: Healthier Barbecue Recipe

Make the most of the last bank holiday of 2014 and enjoy a sizzling BBQ with your family and friends over the long weekend. We’ve come up with some recipe inspiration so if you’re feeling creative follow the ‘challenge’ option or if you know exactly what you like, go for the ‘favourite’ option. Either way, our range of products is packed with variety so whether you’re a host or entertaining, you can still have a brilliant BBQ that everyone can enjoy.

Here’s our guide to a sensational summer BBQ.

Sizzling Skewers

Challenge - Try making your very own meaty marinade for some spicy skewers to grill on your BBQ. Take Quorn Chicken Style Pieces and toss in a mixture of crushed garlic, a sprinkle of chilli, the juice of a fresh lime, helping of coriander and finally salt (to taste). If you’ve got enough time, pop this in the fridge for a couple of hours before grilling to let the flavours soak in.

Favourite – Our recipe for Sticky Sausage Skewers is always a winner and they’re ideal to enjoy when the sun comes out. Follow it on our website here.

Brilliant Burgers

Challenge – Quorn Mince is so versatile and easy to cook, not to mention a healthy source of protein*, with so why not make your very own burgers. Finely chop onions, garlic, fresh chillies and add the juice of a lemon with salt and pepper to season. Combine the mixture with the mince, one egg and breadcrumbs to bind before evenly preparing individual burgers. Serve these to your guests and see if they can tell the difference!  

Favourite – The variety of readily available Quorn Burgers will leave you spoilt for choice. Take your pick from Quorn Meat Free Chicken Style to Quorn Meat Free Beef Style & Red Onion. Just serve your favourite Quorn Burger on a sesame bun, throw in some lettuce, fresh tomatoes and extra red onions. Try adding a bit of relish for the finishing touch.

Sausage Selection

Challenge - Make sure that brand new Quorn Chef’s Selection Chorizo Style Sausages are on your shopping list for the BBQ. Seasoned with garlic and smoked paprika, the flavours will be too tempting to resist!

Favourite - For a classic sausage, it’s a good job we’ve got Quorn Frankfurters. Throw in some fried onions and top it all off with a helping of mustard and ketchup.

Check out Quorn’s range of burgers and sausages on our website for the ultimate crowd pleasers at your BBQ. We want to see what you’ve been cooking so why not upload your BBQ summer snaps to our Facebook page. For more barbecue recipe inspiration, why not download our free Quorn UK App!