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How to beat the post-summer blues and get back into shape

How to beat the post-summer blues and get back into shape

How to beat the post-summer blues and get back into shape this winter

David Donaldson, Fitness expert and owner of Prestige Fitness, shares with Quorn his top five tips on how to get over the summers blues and get into shape this winter. David says "autumn and winter is the perfect time of year to get into the shape. Gyms are quieter; people are distracted with Christmas, so it's your perfect opportunity to focus on yourself”. 

New playlist 
Being in the zone at the gym means more energy, more reps and more results. Nothing pumps you up better than your favourite playlist, and songs of the month. (The one's that make you have a mini party inside your head as soon as they come on). It's winter time; so that means a fresh playlist is a fresh outlook and mind-set to your training. Different music makes us feel and train in different ways. So select a clever choice of songs and design your ultimate winter playlist. Research shows you can perform up to 10% better with music, so having those latest beats at the ready is an essential. 

Design a new workout program 
A new workout routine can be the start of the next stage in your training. We fall into a routine of doing mainly the exercises we love; but not necessarily the exercises that push us. Top tip; if you're not 'uncomfortable' when you're training, you're probably not working hard enough, or have selected the right exercise.

Try a series of new exercises which challenge you and make you want to get stronger, faster and perform better in your routines. Weight training is an effective workout method that can get deeper and more effective muscle engagement, and provide you with a serious sweat on. Cardio is perfect for fitness; but weight training combines them both. Try selecting 2 muscle groups, 3 times per week and focus just on them for your workout. This will amp up your energy and start getting you results much faster. P.S. ladies, weight training is fantastic for sculpting your bodies; and no, you're not going to get big muscles! 

Eat some roughage
Winter is the off season for your dieting. A time when you should be focusing on building strength, and shaping your body the way you want for the following year. People tend to stay leaner throughout the summer, and eat more carbs in winter to fuel more performance type workouts. 

Now this is definitely not an excuse for you to start stuffing your face; but if you do, Quorn is a good choice; as it contains protein, fibre and can help keep you fuller for longer. You want to be eating smarter carbs and roughage which won't make your body fat levels fluctuate but still gives you the vital energy you need. Rice, sweet potato, butternut squash and couscous are among just some of the more fibre based foods you could be eating to fuel your workouts. Try high carbs for your 'on' days, and lower carbs for off days. 

Buy some new sneaks!
It's oddly apparent the connection between new footwear and a new mentality when it comes to fitness. Your comfort and your style can create a very motivating feeling; and can give you that edge to make you start training again. Plus you're kind of obligated if you buy some news sneaks anyway!  

Budget permitting, you have such a huge selection of fitness footwear to choose from such as: gym trainers, casual wear (which look fantastic, lots of colour), marathon and trail running trainers. You can even have a specially moulded trainer made just for your feet. When it comes to training and being serious about fitness, I'd always recommend investing into some quality footwear, which is going to not only make you feel good but perform better too.  

Say no to sugar and yes to protein.
Sugary foods can cause your energy to go up and down. The secret to longer lasting energy and better workouts is protein. The best thing about protein based foods is that they are much lighter and more nutritious than ordinary food. 

Protein can help curb your hunger levels, and keep you fuller for longer. It helps you to regulate your natural energy flow throughout the day, and can also taste great if you know where to look too. 

Quorn have a fantastic range of products which allow you to enjoy your meals but also take in some vital nutrition. Some of my favourites would be the Quorn Quarter Pounder, Quorn Sausages and the Quorn Meat Free Chicken Pieces too. So if you're trying to start a new training regime and beat the blues, a healthier and more protein based diet can certainly help energise your day better. 

Take some of above tips and incorporate them into a new autumn, winter training regime. Always remember to take a combined approach to your health, nutrition and fitness. Tell us how you are getting in shape this season by tweeting us live @QuornFoods and @prestigefitnes.

“You can always be the best version of yourself; you just have to want it bad enough. Get in your zone, be humble and happy. Focus on yourself, get a little selfish sometimes, and get the best results of your life. It's that simple." - David Donaldson

For more of David's secret training tips, motivation and workout plans visit  Prestige Fitness.