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Supporting NHS Sustainability Day

Supporting NHS Sustainability Day

At Quorn we’re firm believers in the importance of sustainability and looking after the world we live in. So, when we were invited to take part in the NHS Sustainability Day we jumped at the chance.

Armed with two Quorn products, we could be found at ten different NHS Trusts across the country, where we offered NHS Staff a ‘Sustainable Sausage Swap’ or a ‘Sustainability Dish of the Day’. The message of the event was that by making small changes to your diet you can make a big difference to the world. This can be achieved by, for example, swapping traditional 80% pork sausages for Quorn Meat Free Sausages and therefore saving an amazing 124 calories and 4.66g saturated fat per serving, or by using Quorn Mince instead of beef mince, which would save 1.36kg of carbon emissions and 950 litres of water.

The sustainable options were available for NHS staff for two hours, through lunchtime, and what an impact was made! In only two hours, serving 1,500 people in total, we saved the NHS:

• 200,000 kcal

• 9,500 7,800g Saturated Fat

• 1,500kg of CO2 – equivalent of driving over 4,000 miles (or – powering over 13,000 TVs / boiling over 260,000 kettles / lighting over 65,000 lightbulbs)

• and over 1000 tonnes of water –equivalent to providing over 7,500 homes with water for a day 

• as well as significantly increasing dietary fibre

Quorn is the first global meat alternative brand to achieve third party certification of its carbon footprint figures. You can read more about Quorn’s commitment to sustainability here http://www.quorn.co.uk/sustainability/.