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Continuing Our Commitment to Sustainability

Continuing Our Commitment to Sustainability

Two years ago Quorn was proud to be the first global meat alternative brand to achieve product carbon footprint certification from the Carbon Trust, by measuring the impact of a range of our most popular products, including frozen Quorn Mince and Pieces.

We made a commitment to further reduce the carbon footprints of these products, not just in the UK, but internationally. And now, 24 months later, we’re thrilled to not only have achieved certification once again, but to have made reductions of up to a 15% in the carbon footprint of our products, which comes after hard work across the business to improve efficiency at all points in our supply chain.

Darran Messem, Managing Director – Certification at the Carbon Trust said: "Quorn has demonstrated remarkable progress in reducing the environmental impact of its most popular products over a two year period, since they were last certified by the Carbon Trust. The company has reduced the carbon footprint of its core mycoprotein ingredient by 15 percent, which has resulted in a substantial improvements across the certified product range in multiple countries. Finding efficiencies and improvements of this magnitude over such a short period, alongside increasing sales and business growth, is a good sign that a company is both responsible and well-run."

You can find the Carbon Trust Footprint label on our frozen Quorn Mince and Pieces packaging, showcasing our pride in the work we are doing to make the world a more sustainable place. To read more about Quorn’s passion for sustainability please visit www.quorn.co.uk/sustainability