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The 7 Commandments to get in shape this summer

The 7 Commandments to get in shape this summer

David Donaldson, celebrity personal trainer and owner of Prestige Fitness, has given Quorn some of his secret personal training commandments for getting in shape this summer. 

David’s approach to personal training is motivation and inspiration. He believes that by being super positive about your exercise regime and enjoying it to the max you can achieve anything you want and more.

"To achieve your goals indefinitely, you need to 'be' the right state of mind. So when you are in the gym, keep your mind in 'the gym,' keep your eyes on the prize, stay motivated and give it everything you've got. Be happy, be humble to your regime and watch it reward you with the rewards you want."

7 Commandments you can do to keep the results flowing this summer.

1) Find a picture - Find your inspiration.

Everybody has that one picture, the one you take half a glance at and just think "yep that’s not going to be me anymore." A powerful picture is a powerful motivator. When you have a vision of how you want to look and where you are right now, it can put the fire in your belly like nothing else. Keep this picture close just in case.  

2) Detox - Healthy system is a healthy mind.

Detox your system. Flush it, cleanse it, kick start it and get your body working again. In 7 days you can easily reboot your system, by drinking lots more water and even adding some fruit in there. Try one of my personal favourites; two lemons, 1 lime, a handful of mint leaves. Squeeze all the goodness out into a 2 litre bottle of water, then dice them all up and throw them in your bottle. Give it one shake, and then put it into the fridge over night to let the lemon taste fuse into the water. 
Beautifully tasting, it’s actually pretty close to a Mojito, so go on and try it. It’s super hydrating and will rid any cravings and set you up for the new program!

3) Ditch the cardio and pump some weights 

Ladies I’m speaking to you here. Weight training is the true way to make changes to your body. A quick cardio session or fitness class here and there will burn some calories and get you a nice sweat. But if you actually want to change your body, your shape, your tone and your dress size, you need to start sculpting your assets and lift some weights. 
To set the record straight and ease your mind, you won't build muscle! It’s more difficult for a woman compared to a man to actually build huge amounts or slabs of muscle, simply because of the chemical required to do this, testosterone. 

9 times out of 10, you will tone, sculpt and firm out everywhere. This is the ideal way to get that bikini body this summer. So drop some squats next time you’re in the gym. 

4) Treat your self - Buy favourite clothing in advance.

Yes you’re invested. That gorgeous new dress you have been eyeing for the last couple of weeks has your name on it. If you can't fit in it now, don't worry and just buy it - then what better motivation could you have? Unfortunately you must in 6 weeks’ time be able to fit into it, so now you are invested.  It’s the same principle as getting into your wedding dress; you will do what it takes to make it work. 

5) Get Selfish - The more the better.

Make your workout 'your time.' Focus on the parts of your workout that make you feel at your best and happiest. Put some of your favourite tunes on, shut off the world and celebrate with a mini dance inside your brain. Get the endorphins flowing and just rock out! Some of the best bodies in the world swear by the self-training partner, as friends and gym buddies just distract them. Get into your zone and get them results.

6) Eat something naughty - Well what you think is naughty.

Cook your healthy treats yourself it’s easy! Getting creative with your food couldn't be simpler. Cookies, Protein bars, cakes, all kinds of deserts, you name it and you can make it with 90% less sugar and pure health benefits. Take my favourite, my protein cookies. All you need is a can of chick peas, a scoop of protein powder, a squeeze of agarve nectar and some sugar free chocolate chips. Bake them bad boys for 20 minutes and before you know it, you will have the healthiest, most mouth-watering cookies at your fingertips! These are also very high in protein and low in sugar.

7) Get a personal trainer

You guessed it! Your very own personal trainer. Your personal trainer will work you out like no other exercise session you've done before. Your trainer will tell you exactly what to eat to get the results you want. Your trainer will be there at the gym ready to go, so if you wake up on wrong side of bed one day and not feeling it, well tough cookies, you cannot escape your trainer. Your trainer will motivate you and be on the mission with you, so you are both invested in the common goal. So get a trainer and achieve the best result you will ever get in your life.

Take these simple steps and apply them to your workout regime. Get in a head space where you can just focus on what you want and get it. Be accountable for yourself, make yourself go to the gym, cook those healthy meals every single day and stick to your program always. Ask yourself, what’s 12 weeks for a commitment that brings out the best in you compared to wanting it the rest of your life? Get in the zone and become the best version of you. 

Quorn is great if you're trying to eat healthier as part of an active lifestyle or if you’re watching your weight. It’s a natural source of protein which can contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

David Donaldson 

For more hints, tips and secrets from David Donaldson, visit Prestige Fitness at www.prestigefitness.co.uk 

Thanks for reading, until next time.

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