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Quorn Barbeque 2015

Quorn Barbeque 2015

Quorn Barbeque 2015 

August 2014 saw our first ever Blogger Barbeque event in Fulham, where we celebrated the flavours of summer in the gorgeous garden of The Crabtree. Following on from the success of last year’s event, this year we did one better and invited bloggers to really get stuck in not only eating but preparing and barbequing their own dinners!

The Quorn Barbeque 2015 event was hosted at the newly opened London BBQ School based in Peckham, South East London, in an outdoor space with four impressive Kamadojoe ceramic BBQs. Each BBQ was set up with a different recipe for the bloggers to prepare and cook:

 - Quorn Burgers with chipotle salsa

 - Quorn Sausage and vegetable sticky skewers

 - Quorn Southern Fried Chicken Burger and roasted vegetable wrap

 - Quorn Swedish Style Meatball kebabs

Before getting started we heard from a Barbeque expert who told us about the different types of fuel and how they affect flavour. Different types of wood complement different foods, with lighter smoke (from, for example, alder and maple) matching best with more delicate meals whereas oak can be used for more robust ingredients.

In teams the bloggers chopped vegetables, made sauces and dips and marinated their Quorn. The event showcased four products: Quorn Chef’s Selection Classic Burgers, Meat Free Southern Fried Burgers, Quorn Sausages and Swedish style meatballs.

Once prepared the bloggers shared the delicious meals they had produced, with many of them remarking on how flavourful the food was.  We hope that they have gone away inspired to try out more of our BBQ recipes and enjoy healthier summer options.