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Quorn’s Protein and Nutrition Event

Quorn’s Protein and Nutrition Event

Sally (Life Loving)

Quorn recently ran a fantastic event at foodie heaven L’atelier des Chefs, in Oxford Circus. It was an event designed to underline the importance of getting the right amount of protein in your diet and also to inspire cooking with Quorn.

Boy, did I leave feeling inspired! Despite having been in Barcelona for the 4 of the last 7 days, I have already cooked two dishes using Quorn and have more on my menu plan for next week.

On arrival at the event, we were greeted with some delicious Quorn canapes. I’m a big fan of a canape, always offering these at any party or event I host. After all, what’s a social occasion without something delicious to nibble on? The canapes on offer were:

 - Crostini with Quorn Garlic and Parsley sausage and salsa verdi

 - Quorn Coronation wraps

 - Peppered Quorn beef slices and horseradish bites

I sampled all three and they were truly delicious. I’m not usually a fan of horseradish, but always open to trying new things, so I was pleasantly surprised as the peppered Quorn perfectly balanced the horseradish. 

Soon we were invited into the kitchen area for a cooking demonstration. Kate, the lovely Quorn food economist, showed us how quick and easy it was to make a number of delectable dishes, without meat. The first dish she showed us was pulled Quorn with pink coleslaw. This used Quorn fillets and barbecue sauce. Yesterday, I actually recreated this dish for lunch. We had ours in mini-wraps as opposed to buns, but it was really delicious and my other half was amazed on how easy this was to ‘knock up’ for lunch.

The second demonstration was a tantalising Quorn chorizo and sausage casserole, which is definitely one that I’ll be recreating at home. I’ll probably even pop this in my slow cooker, as it’s coming into autumn and I love coming home to a home-cooked casserole on those chilly autumnal evenings.

The other two demonstrations were Quorn Laksa (which is a Malaysian Curry) and Quorn Moussaka. Again, recipes I would cook again and again at home. We love experimenting with different cuisines from different cultures and to do this in a healthy, meat-free way is amazing.

On the conclusion of the demonstrations, we spent some time with nutritionist Alison. Who talked us though the perfect portion sizes on your plate. She said by increasing our protein intake slightly, we are more likely to stay full up for longer.  She also talked us through about how important protein is after exercise. Being a regular gym bunny, this was a wonderful opportunity for me to ask Alison all the burning questions I had about my protein intake, in relation to the exercise I do. What a wonderfully valuable experience.

Alison’s recommendations were that an adult should consume between 0.8g and 2g of protein per kg of their body weight, per day. She recommended that you consume up to 30g of protein within 30 minutes of the conclusion of exercise, if possible, but if not, up to 2 hours should be sufficient. Over consumption of protein is not recommended as this isn’t good for your body, but small amounts during the day will help you stay full up and repair your muscles after exercise.

The event was a real eye-opener on the benefits of a healthy protein. I always had a reasonable understanding, but now I’m going to make sure I give my body the protein it needs after exercise. I also left feeling motivated to cook up, not only the dishes we had been shown, but also add some new Quorn inspired ones into my regular cook book.