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Be Part of World Meat Free Day, 13th June

Be Part of World Meat Free Day, 13th June

We’re proud to be a partner of World Meat Free Day on Monday 13th June. Show your support too and you’ll be amazed at the difference you can make. 

World Meat Free Day is a global campaign to raise awareness of the environmental and health impacts of meat production. To show how eating less meat and better meat can help our health, our planet and be fairer to our food systems, too.

We’re not asking anyone to give up meat for good – just go without for one day, so you can see how easy and delicious it can be

And it’s easy to join in. Just start off by visiting worldmeatfreeday.com

There you can pledge your support and find lots of handy information, including a guide to restaurants serving up delicious meat free meals near you.

worldmeatfreeday.com also includes a Sustainability Calculator to show the impact you can make straight away. Incredibly, going meat free for a single meal makes a carbon saving equivalent to boiling a kettle 388 times. It also saves as much water as nine people use in a day.

Be part of World Meat Free Day on 13th June, and see how one small change can make a huge difference.