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A few days to go - Are you ready?

A few days to go - Are you ready?

Want to know the specifics? Head over to the Sustainability Calculator. It’s a handy little gadget that tells you how much you, your family, or your whole neighbourhood would save if you gave up meat. It’s not just saturated fat and calories you’ll save, but energy and water too.

If you’ve already had a play with the fantastic Sustainability Calculator, you’ll know that the more people that get involved with World Meat Free Day, the more of the planet we can save. One brilliant way to get the word out and recruit more supporters is with the Thunderclap feature. If you sign up with your twitter account, Thunderclap will send out a tweet from all World Meat Free Day supporters, creating a wave of attention that’s hard for anybody to ignore. You can also download some great resources including posters, stickers, and flyers to raise even more awareness around your school, university, or workplace.

Not sure what you’ll be serving for the big day? If you’re a meat free virgin or just looking for a little inspiration, you can head over to the Recipe Section for a hand-picked selection of meat free recipes to make your World Meat Free Day delicious. We've got kid-friendly meals, family favourites, global dishes, and recipes from our expert guest chefs.

Don’t forget, we’re not asking you to give up meat forever. If all of us gave up meat for just one day, the impact alone would be extraordinary. Imagine what the impact would be if you took part in more than one day? That’s why we’re counting on your support. Let the countdown commence!