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We supported World Meat Free Day – did you?

We supported World Meat Free Day – did you?

On Monday 13th June 2016, people from around the globe joined together once again to celebrate the second annual World Meat Free Day. Giving up all things meaty for just one day, to promote a healthy and balanced diet, while being fairer to our food systems.

Supporters of the movement did a great job in getting the word out - #WorldMeatFreeDay was trending for most of the day, reaching over 82million people, with over 22,000 users posting about it. It even had a pretty impressive celeb following, with the likes of Jamie Oliver and Sir Paul McCartney sharing the event with their followers. Many supermarkets and restaurants, including Aldi and Sainsburys, pledged their support, too.

Globally, the campaign reached 20million people, including key influencers in the UK, such as Sky News, The Independent and The Daily Telegraph. And it went international, reaching as far as the Philippines, for the first time since its debut last year.

The results show how just a small change can have such a big impact and it feels great to support a campaign that can have such a positive effect on our planet. After all, just one person going meat free for one day creates a carbon saving equivalent to boiling a kettle 388 times. So with nearly 5,000 people pledging their support to the movement this year alone - that’s one pretty big carbon saving.

To learn more about World Meat Free Day, why you should get involved and how to get behind next year’s initiative, visit worldmeatfreeday.com.