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Fish and Chips are a British favourite, and a staple around every family table. So, we asked 90 Netmums users to serve their family Quorn’s new vegan Battered Fishless Fillets as a mid-week ‘fish’ supper and see what they thought. And the results were overwhelming, with 95% saying they would recommend to a friend or family.

Here’s what they said:


  • Super tasty, really enjoying them.
  • I gave these to my two boys to try and I had a taste. They were in their words, "pretty decent"! I thought they were quite tasty and a great way to have meat free meals.
  • It was absolutely delicious!
  • Quorn Fishless Fillets are definitely a keeper in my household.
  • I would highly recommend giving these a try!
  • Amazing. So authentic.


  • They are quick and easy to prepare.
  • The Quorn Battered Fishes Fillets are convenient as they do not take long to cook, they taste great and involves less impact on the planet.


  • I think the best thing is the impact on the planet.
  • I'm always pro for helping the planet and anything healthy is a plus on my side. And they were very easy to prepare.
  • My daughter is very environmentally aware so was impressed by this product.

1 In a poll of 90 Netmums user, 95% would recommend Quorn Fishless Fillets to a friend or family.

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