More expensive than meat?

Thought Quorn Nuggets were more expensive than meat? Think again!

Quorn Crispy Nuggets 300g are in fact over 29% cheaper than BirdsEye Chicken Nuggets 379g.

How do we know? We have taken the non promoted price of both our product and the meat equivalent in the Birdseye range. Looking at the prices in two retailers, where shoppers have the choice of both products.

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The maths speak for themselves:

  • Quorn Nuggets 300g bag: Non promoted price of £2.50 that equates to a cost of £8.33 per kg
  • Birds Eye Chicken Nuggets 379g: Lowest non promoted price £4.45 that equates to a cost of £11.74 per kg
  • So on a price per kg basis Quorn Crispy Nuggets are 29% cheaper

So now you have nothing to lose, make the swap from meat to meat free and help the planet one nugget at a time!

So tasty, why choose the alternative?

Retail pricing is at the sole discretion of the retailer and may vary.
Prices correct as of the 7/12/2022. Prices sourced from Morrisons & Sainsburys retailer websites.

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