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QuornKids Day at the Kid's Cookery School

QuornKids Day at the Kid's Cookery School

At Quorn, we believe that healthy eating is delicious – even for little ones! Our product ranges allow for children's easy to eat favourites, such as burgers and hot dogs, to be enjoyed with less fat and full of protein. Children love food when it’s fun and tastes delicious and they are more health conscious than ever before, due to the new curriculum and improved health education. We believe Quorn is a great alternative for children to enjoy their favourite foods while staying healthy at the same time.

This Easter, Quorn UK partnered with the Kid’s Cookery School in London, getting children stuck into some real cooking using our delicious range of burgers, hams and meatballs. The children aged 3 – 9 came from all over the country eager to try delicious Quorn party food.


Getting children involved with the cooking can really help increase their appetite. The event began with the children making pizza with some tomato sauce, vegetables, cheese, Quorn Meat Free Ham toppings and Quorn Meat Free Meatball toppings. The children got stuck into the fun, getting their hands dirty experimenting with flavours and quirky patterns! The toppings went down a treat with the little ones as young as 3 declaring it their favourite food.


The children also learned how to make burger buns to enjoy with delicious Quorn Meat Free Chicken Burgers, Quorn Meat Free Burgers and for our Vegan children, the tasty Vegan Meat Free Burgers. Having made their own buns, the children stacked their burgers using two burgers, lettuce, tomato and cucumber. These were a real hit with the kids who found them absolutely delicious.

Party Snacks

We asked the Kid’s Cookery School to help us choose some kid-friendly party snacks. Our mums gave them all a taste and they were real crowd-pleasers! The favourites by far were the Quorn Meat Free Sausage Rolls: both the pack-bought sausage rolls and the homemade ones using our Meat Free Cocktail Sausages wrapped in pastry. Snacks also included:

-      -    Sandwiches made with beef, chicken and ham slices with cucumber and cheese

-      -    Fresh tomatoes, celery and cucumber – which all the children nibbled on

-      -    Quorn Meat Free Frankfurt sausages

-      -    Chicken Meat Free Tikka Sliced Fillets which were favourite with the mums! See the recipe here

What the mum’s say

“Quorn not only care about their product but they clearly care about their customers too. They have such a great variety of different items and I would be happy to be served up anyone of them. The hot dogs actually taste like hot dogs - but at least you know you won't get any gristle! Grace is so proud of the fact that she cooked bread!” Victoria Welton – Verily Victoria Vocalises

“Aron (5) and Aidan (4) had such a great time learning all about Quorn at the Kids Cookery School that they were chatting about the pizzas and burgers they made long into the week. They are more aware and focussed on the flavour and science of food, as well as the basic cookery skills that Chef John so expertly taught them.”  Leyla Preston, Motherhood Diaries

“Gabriel (4) loved the Kids cookery school and was proud as punch with his Quorn pizza and burgers. It's really got him interested in cooking food from scratch.  As a family of vegetarians it was also lovely to see and hear all about Quorn’s company values and their dedication to healthy choice food.”  Michelle McNulty Seeing Rainbows

“I was never aware of just how tasty and delicious the Quorn ready-made and chilled products were - I will certainly be buying them now.” - Heidi Roberts – Parties with Heidi

“Ava and I had such a lovely afternoon at the Quorn Foods event - she had so much fun making pizzas and burger buns and was so proud to have made them by herself. Plus it got her trying new foods she had never tried before with the Quorn toppings on her pizza.” – Louise Hagarty Birds and Lilies

Some social events, such as children’s birthday parties can be a sugar-overload, full of junk food and processed meats. If you are planning something similar and don’t want anyone to go home hungry but full of wholesome food, then try some our family friendly recipes and party snack ideas.