In 2017, the Government enacted legislation for organisations in the UK with more than 250 employees to report their Gender Pay Gap. Quorn supports this positive step towards addressing any potential gender bias and the fair representation of and pay for women in our workforce.

We are confident that all our colleagues are paid equally for doing the same job. We benchmark the salary for roles using a standardised framework which applies equally across gender. Colleagues are also eligible for a bonus based on their level in the framework, irrespective of gender or any other personal characteristic.

However, like many other organisations, we recognise that we currently have more men than women in our most senior roles, and as a result we do have a gender pay gap. Senior roles typically attract higher salaries, and this structural difference is one of the reasons that we have both a pay and bonus gap.

At Quorn we value, respect, and understand the benefits diversity brings in terms of better innovation, advanced creativity and improved decision making. We acknowledge the unique backgrounds, experience, and perspectives of all our people and the value they bring, giving us a competitive edge directly impacting our business outputs. We strive to create a fair and safe environment where everyone has access to opportunities and challenges.

Our mean gender pay gap is 10.3% which is below the UK average of 14.9%. Our year-on-year results evidence the improvements we have made to date.

Basic pay Bonus
Reporting year Mean Median Mean Median
2023 10.3% 7.1% 96.5% 0.0%
2022 13.0% 6.0% 51.01% 9.0%
2021 9.4% 5.3% -10.8% 6.0%
2019 (no reporting required in 2020 due to Covid 17.4% 9.4% 73.6% 42.6%

Males Quartiles Females
59.3% Upper 40.7%
61.7% Upper Middle 38.3%
63.9% Lower Middle 36.1%
66.8% Lower 32.2%

In 2023 we continue to drive a Diversity and Inclusion agenda as part of our overall ambition to become Net Positive. This includes enhancing our understanding of representation across the business, the establishment of a number of colleague support networks across several diversity topics, and a continued review of our processes and policies to ensure we are an inclusive business for existing and future talent.

Neil Thomas

Head of People, UK & Central Functions, Quorn Foods


I confirm that the gender pay gap calculations are accurate and meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Tongwen Zhao

Director of People and Planet, Marlow Foods Ltd t/a Quorn Foods