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At Quorn we have a simple message. To bring people delicious and exciting food that is good for them and good for the planet. The ethical, health and environmental benefits of Quorn foods puts corporate responsibility at the heart of everything we do.

Kevin Brennan - CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Cooking with Quorn isn’t always the same as cooking with other foods. So here’s where you’ll find all the inspiration and tips about how to prepare, cook and store your favourite Quorn products and recipes. Have a look through our frequently asked questions section for simple, easy-to-follow tips and how-to videos.

Are Quorn products Vegan friendly?

How do I cook Quorn products?

Is the Quorn brand regulated?

Can you reheat Quorn?

What is Mycoprotein™?


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You can read all the latest news from Quorn here, with handy tips to make your recipes even more delicious, and new and exciting Quorn meal ideas that will take you on a fantastic taste adventure.

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