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Our approach to packaging

Packaging is really important to us. We aim to use packaging that delivers the right balance between ensuring product quality, minimising food waste, and minimising our impact on the environment.

Packaging for the planet

We strive to ensure as much of our packaging as possible comes from renewable sources and is recyclable. We're also cutting the amount of packaging we actually use. There’s always more work to do, but we’re on the case. And the carton.

Good things we do

All our cardboard is from approved, managed and sustainable sources

All our outer cases use recycled cardboard

We’ve re-designed our frozen packs to use less packaging but still keep everything fresh and lovely

We’re proud to co-sign the WRAP Plastic Pact

Recycling Information

You can recycle all Quorn®*

Foil trays

Film bags

Plastic trays


Cardboard sleeves

You can't recycle (yet)

Film on trays

Film on some of our Deli products


(we’re working on recycling options, watch this space!)

* Just check your local authority waste and recycling information or follow the link to Recycle Now to find your local recycling facilities.

Take that beef

Quorn Spaghetti Bolognese has 90% less saturated fat than a beef version†[1]

Data sources: † Global average, 1. McCance and Widdowson (2019)