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What's new at Quorn

We have lots of exciting new things happening at Quorn. Discover our latest delicious recipes, exciting new products and topical news and video content, all handpicked by ourselves for you to explore.

Introducing your lunch on-the-go!

Quorn® Wonder Grains, Lunch Bowls and infused Strips – deliciously satisfying & an easy meat free choice straight from your cupboard or desk.

Whats new

A new day is dawning for burger lovers. In preparation for Summer BBQs across the land, food pioneers here at Quorn® have...

Whats new

Have you thought about how you can introduce meat free meals to your family? Rachel Stevens did just that. Watch our video as...

Whats new

We’ve teamed up with Ristorante Pizza to unveil two delicious new pizza’s, helping you to make mealtimes delicious. Experience...

Whats new

Are you aware of the impact that the food choices you make every day have on our planet? Did you know that delicious, meat free...


Enjoy these delicious meat free side recipes, the perfect accompaniment with Ristorante Pizza Pesto, featuring Quorn Vegetarian...

New recipes

Deliciously effortless pasta, super soups, irresistible nuggets and aromatic curries. Discover our latest recipes and create great tasting meals that the whole family will love. Prepare all your favourites in no time at all.

New products

A selection of our latest products to help you make mealtimes delicious! Explore our new additions to the Quorn family and be inspired to try something different today.