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Quorn extends Forest Green Rovers relationship into fifth season

1 September 2020

Quorn Foods, the global market leader in sustainable protein, has pledged to extend its partnership with Forest Green Rovers into a fifth season. Recognised by FIFA and the United Nations as the world’s greenest football club, Forest Green Rovers confirmed they will be driving forwards its focus on sustainable growth.

From serving vegan only food in its stadium, such as its highly commended Q-Pie, to being awarded a ‘carbon-neutral’ certification by the UN and switching to vegan football kits, the trailblazing club has achieved incredible accolades from an environmental and sustainable point of view over the years.

With sustainability embedded into its core, Forest Green has pledged as part of Quorn’s Nuggets of Change campaign, to place a large focus on its academy players. It will continue to nurture and help them progress through its development system to first-team level.

Two players leading the change are Vaughn Covil and Harvey Bunker, who are set to make their first team debut this upcoming season, when League Two football resumes on September 12th 2020.

Whilst the return of the football season is a momentous occasion for fans everywhere, there is no denying this year will look and feel rather different. Despite players resuming with their regular training regimes and kicking off in their usual stadiums, fans will be required to adapt to a new sense of norm, following an unprecedented period.

With this in mind, Quorn Foods’ new campaign wants everyone to take a moment to reflect and celebrate the positive small changes and habits they have adopted during this time.

Lucy Grogut, Head of Brand Marketing at Quorn Foods, said: “Our ‘Nuggets of Change’ campaign recognises that no more matter how small your changes are, they can still have a powerful and lasting positive impact on yourself, those around you and our planet. As we renew our partnership for two further years with Forest Green, we are excited by its most recent ‘Nuggets of Change’ pledge and to be part of its sustainability journey. We are counting down the days until fans are able to safely return to stadiums and experience the joys of live football over a Q-Pie once more.”

Dale Vince, Chairman, Forest Green Rovers, added: “Quorn has been a fantastic partner – it put the Q in our famous pie and more. This new ‘Nuggets of Change’ campaign is a great idea and very timely – it goes to the core of the issue that many people stumble upon when contemplating personal change – what difference can we each make? The answer is that it makes all the difference. Quorn makes change accessible to everyone.”

Despite a year full of uncertainty, this is set to be a thrilling season for both Quorn Foods and Forest Green Rovers. From exciting new partnerships and innovations to continuing to acknowledge the importance of living and thinking sustainably. Working as a joint force, both partners will remain at the forefront of these important conversations and lead the way in taking steps in the right direction, celebrating the positive changes achieved to date.

Learn more about Forest Green Rovers here.

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