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We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve already done and will continue to do with chefs across the UK, encouraging them to think about and cook with more protein alternatives.

This year we’ve once again partnered with the Craft Guild of Chefs (CGOC), the leading chefs’ association, and have some exciting activity planned to get more chefs engaged in protein diversity and the sustainable future of food.

Graduate Awards
For the second year, young chefs competing in the Craft Guild of Chefs’ Graduate Awards will use Quorn® as an ingredient in the awards process. This is part of our chef engagement plan supporting protein diversity, a key challenge for chefs of the future as consumer demand for sustainable proteins continues to grow.

During last year’s awards we saw everything from consommés to a meat loaf made using Quorn Mince, mushrooms, and bone marrow so can’t wait to see what dishes this year’s graduates come up with.

The Wessex Salon Culinaire
The Wessex Salon Culinaire is one of the UK’s largest live culinary competitions and a fantastic platform for all chefs, but especially student chefs to get a first taste of competition experience. We are proudly sponsoring the vegetarian challenge where competing chefs will create two portions of a gastro pub main course using either Quorn Mince or Quorn Pieces.

As consumers become increasingly aware of sustainable agriculture, animal supply chains, and the environmental impact of meat production, more and more people are reducing their weekly meat intake. A trend that began in the home is now being seen across the hospitality industry with the growing shift in UK eating habits.

In line with consumers demand, this year’s Universal Cookery and Food Festival, a CGOC culinary event created by chefs for chefs, has adopted a plant-based theme. This year’s festival is being held at Westlands Nurseries in Worcestershire and will feature plant-based suppliers, cooking demos and panel discussions. We’ll be there supporting the initiative and encouraging chefs to give Quorn a go.

Craft Guild of Chef Awards
Each year the Craft Guild of Chef Awards recognise talent in all aspects of the chef profession, across all sectors of the industry, and we’re proud to be sponsoring this year’s Chef Innovation award.

We’re so excited to work with more and more chefs over the coming months. Consumers can’t order what’s not made available to them, so the more that chefs are actively thinking about protein diversity when creating their menus, the better the outcomes for the future of the planet.