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  1. The Promoter

1.1 The promoter is: Quorn Foods (Promoter). Quorn Foods is the trading name of Marlow Foods Limited, registered number 01752242, whose registered office is at Quorn Foods, Station Road, Stokesley, North Yorkshire TS9 7AB.

  1. The Quorn Pioneers Film Fund Funding Award

2.1 The title of the competition is: Quorn Pioneers Film Fund Award (Funding Award competition).

2.2 The Promoter has established the Quorn Pioneers Film Fund to award funding to creative filmmakers to make a short documentary film exploring the future of our food and the challenges faced in order to become a society with more sustainable sources of food.

2.3 Entries are invited from filmmakers to be selected as one of three filmmakers (and their teams) to receive funding of £15,000 each (the Funding Award), to create an 8 - 12 minute documentary film exploring this topic.

2.4 Further details of the brief for the Funding Award competition (the Brief) are available at

2.5 The film must be capable of being produced within the Funding Award. Match funding and co-productions with others are not permitted.

2.6 The Promoter is working with planetSHINE to enable and deliver the Funding Award competition.

  1. How to enter

3.1 Entries can be made from 9.00 am on 9th September 2021 (the Opening Date) to 11.59 pm on 15th October 2021 (the Closing Date) inclusive.

3.2 All Funding Award competition entries (an entry) must be received by the Closing Date. Late entries will not be considered.

3.3 The Promoter may in its absolute discretion extend the Closing Date or change any dates for stages of the selection process.

3.4 To enter the Funding Award competition, entries should be submitted using the entry form. Entries must be supported by the materials and/or information referred to at Except where section 3.7 below applies, no other forms of entry will be accepted.

3.5 There is no entry fee but any entry form with uncompleted obligatory fields may be disqualified.

3.6 Entries must be completed in the English language. Any teaser footage should be in the English language or include English subtitles.

3.7 In exceptional circumstances, the Promoter may consider applications by post received by the Closing Date. If unable to apply online, please make contact via the contact details at section 3.9 below to discuss this possibility.

3.8 The Promoter will not accept:

(a) responsibility for entries that are lost, mislaid, damaged or delayed in transit, regardless of cause, including, for example, as a result of any postal failure, equipment failure, technical malfunction, systems, satellite, network, server, computer hardware or software failure of any kind;

(b) proof of posting or transmission as proof of receipt of the entry

3.9 For general help with entries, please contact planetSHINE using the subject title “Pioneers Film Fund” at

  1. Entry Requirements and Eligibility

4.1 The information required by the online entry form must be completed. This will include the idea/concept which meets the Brief (the Pitch).

4.2 By submitting an entry, each entrant is agreeing for and their filmmaking teams for the Pitch (filmmaking team) to be bound by these terms and conditions.

4.3 There is a limit of one entry to the Funding Award competition per person/filmmaking team. Multiple entries or ideas will not be considered.

4.4 The person submitting the entry form must be at least one of the: producer, director, writer, or creator of the Pitch. Otherwise, entries on behalf of another person will not be accepted and joint submissions with other filmmaking teams are not allowed.

4.5 Entry is open to filmmakers who reside in the UK or Republic of Ireland, who are 18 or over (at the Closing Date) and who have authority to submit their entry on behalf of their filmmaking team for the Pitch.

4.6 Entries should not mention or criticise particular brands or natural/legal persons.

4.7 Entrants may be requested to provide further information about, or to discuss, their entry at any time during the selection process and their entry may be discounted from further consideration if this is not provided.

4.8 The entrant (or someone from their filmmaking team) must be available to present their Pitch virtually on one afternoon in the week commencing 22nd November 2021 should their Pitch be shortlisted.

4.9 If selected for a Funding Award, the entrant’s film must be ready for public release during April 2022 and may be entered into a film festival competition. Entrants should note that any entry fees for film festivals are to be met from the Funding Award unless otherwise agreed by the Promoter.

4.10 Pitches and the resulting documentary films must only contain music, video, photographs, artwork, or similar such components, that have been created by the entrant/filmmaking team, that are clearly demonstrable by them as ‘royalty free’/’public domain’, or for which they have obtained appropriate copyright or other clearances.

4.11 Entrants agree to being publicly named and to participate in reasonable publicity as described in section 7 below.

4.12 The Funding Award competition is not open to: (a) employees of the Promoter or its holding or subsidiary companies; (b) employees of agents or suppliers of the Promoter or its holding or subsidiary companies, or anyone who is professionally connected with the Funding Award competition or its administration; or (c) members of the immediate families or households of (a) and (b) above.

4.13 In submitting an entry, the entrant confirms that they and their filmmaking team are eligible to do so and eligible to claim any Funding Award that may be made. The Promoter may require proof of eligibility to enter the competition and may disqualify the entry at any time (including after section for a Funding Award) if this is not provided.

4.14 The Promoter will not accept entries that: are automatically generated by computer; are completed by third parties or in bulk; have been altered, reconstructed, forged or tampered with; or are incomplete.

4.15 The Promoter reserves at its sole and complete discretion all rights to disqualify any entry at any stage of the Funding Award competition process if the entrant’s (or any member of their filmmaking team’s) conduct is contrary to the spirit, intention or rules of the Funding Award competition.

4.16 The Promoter is not responsible for any costs or expenses incurred in submitting an entry, participating in the selection process for the Funding Award competition or in creating the documentary film except for the Funding Award that is awarded.

  1. Timetable for the Selection Process and Production/Release of the Documentary Film

5.1 The entries to the Funding Award competition will be shortlisted to 11 entries which will be publicly announced on or around 27th October 2021 (during the planetSHINE COPtimism event).

5.2 The 11 shortlisted entries will be invited to virtually present their Pitches to a panel of judges in the week commencing 22nd November 2021.

5.3 The panel of judges will nominate 3 entries for final approval by the Promoter for the Funding Award.

5.4 The 3 winning entries will be announced on 3rd December 2021.

5.5 Each completed film will be on WaterBear ( in April 2022 (subject to their acceptance requirements).

  1. Making of the Funding Award

6.1 Subject to agreeing with the Promoter a series of milestones leading to the delivery of a film meeting the Brief and in accordance with their agreed Pitch, for release on WaterBear in April 2022, the Promoter will pay the Funding Award in the sum of £15,000 to each of the 3 winning entries. The total Funding Award available for this competition is £45,000.

6.2 Each winning entrant/filmmaking team may be required to enter into a further agreement, on reasonable terms to be agreed to regulate the provision of funding and related matters.

6.3 A winning entrant’s/filmmaking team’s failure to agree to a timetable or to meet any of the agreed milestones will entitle the Promoter as its sole discretion to withhold any further payments and/or demand the return of any Funding Award sums paid and/or to select a new winner.

6.4 The Promoter accepts no responsibility if an entrant/filmmaking team is not able to take up the Funding Award.

  1. Publicity and Confidentiality

7.1 Entrants selected as winners of the Funding Award, or which have been shortlisted, agree:

(a) that the Promoter and its delivery partners may use their (and their filmmaking teams’) names, images, extracts from their Pitches, synopses or proposals and their town or county of residence to announce the winners and/or shortlisted entrants and for any other reasonable and related promotional purposes; and

(b) to participate in any reasonable publicity required by the Promoter.

7.2 If an entrant is concerned that aspects of their entry should not be made public in advance of the announcement of the Funding Award or shortlisted entries (for example, because to do so might endanger the viability of their Pitch or a contributor’s safety or wellbeing), please contact planetSHINE in advance of making their entry to agree appropriate publicity restrictions.

7.3 Entrants may refer publicly, in general terms, to their entry into the Funding Award competition but agree to keep confidential (i) the specific contents of their Pitch; (ii) any discussions (written or oral) with the Promoter and/or planetSHINE; and (ii) until such information is announced publicly by the Promoter, their being shortlisted or selected for a Funding Award.

  1. Ownership of Entries and Intellectual Property Rights

8.1 The Promoter and planetSHINE will not discuss individual entries with any other entrant/filmmaking team, however, due to the creative nature of the Film Award competition, entrants accept that it is possible that different entries (and marketing activities of the Promoter or planetSHINE) may share common ideas, concepts or themes and neither the Promoter nor planetSHINE will have any liability if this is the case, nor will they be required to exclude any entries for this reason.

8.2 The Promoter and planetSHINE will not own any intellectual property rights in any documentary film which results from a Funding Award. However, by submitting an entry for the Funding Award, entrants (for themselves and on behalf of their filmmaking teams) agree:

(a) that the Promoter may, but is not required to, make their entry and any resulting documentary film funded by a Funding Award available on any website(s), social media pages and any other media, whether now known or invented in the future, and in connection with any publicity for the Funding Award competition;

(b) that the Promoter and its delivery partners may touch on or explore, expand or embellish on the ideas, concepts or themes contained in any Pitch or resulting documentary film in future marketing activities; and

(c) to grant the Promoter and its delivery partners (including, without limitation, planetSHINE) a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable licence, for the full period of any intellectual property rights in their Funding Award competition entry and resulting documentary film, to use, exhibit, display, publish, promote, transmit, link to, reproduce or make excerpts from the Funding Award competition entry and resulting documentary film for all reasonable purposes (including, without limitation, announcing or publicising the Funding Award competition, Funding Award and resulting documentary film).

8.3 The Promoter reserves to itself all rights and goodwill relating to its products and brands. The Promoter’s name and brand shall not be included in any documentary film or related publicity by the entrant’s filmmaking team without the Promoter’s prior authorisation in writing to do so; however, the Promoter may require a credit approved by the Promoter that the documentary film was funded by the Promoter to be used.

  1. Data Protection

9.1 By entering the Funding Award competition, entrants (for themselves and on behalf of their filmmaking teams) agree that any personal data provided by them with or in connection with their entry may be held and used by the Promoter and/or its delivery partners as described in section 9.3 below. Any such personal data will be held and processed by them in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

9.2 The Promoter’s delivery partner, planetSHINE, acts as a data processor for the purpose of processing personal data on behalf of the Promoter (the data controller) and each will only process personal data received from entrants in relation to the Funding Award competition in accordance with this section 9.

9.3 Consent and legitimate interest will be relied on as the basis for processing such personal data. Personal data provided by entrants/their filmmaking teams or by others on their behalf will be used by the Promoter and planetSHINE to administer the Funding Award competition and publish details of shortlisted and winning entries.

9.4 If an entry is not shortlisted, the entry and related personal data will be deleted within 2 months of the shortlisted entries being announced. If a shortlisted entry is not selected for a Funding Award, the entry and related personal data will be deleted within 2 months after the 3 successful entries have been announced.

9.5 Natural persons have the following rights in relation to the personal data which the Promoter or its data processors process: • the right of access to the personal data held; • the right for any inaccuracies in the personal data to be corrected; • the right to have the personal data deleted where there is no good reason for continuing to process it; • the right to restrict the processing of the personal data; • the right to object to the processing of information; and • the right to request the transfer of their personal data to another party.

9.6 Any comments or questions about personal data processing practices in relation to the Funding Award competition should be addressed as shown in section 3.9.

  1. General

10.1 The Funding Award is not negotiable or transferable.

10.2 Decisions of the judging panel and Promoter shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

10.3 Entries may not necessarily reflect the views of the Promoter or planetSHINE and will not be represented by entrants or their filmmaking teams (or in their documentary films) as doing so.

10.4 Any suggestions, advice or guidance provided by the Promoter or planetSHINE is for information purposes only and is not intended to be used or relied on without independent evaluation and decision by entrants and their filmmaking teams and neither the Promoter nor planetSHINE shall have any liability in respect of any action or inaction taken on the basis of such suggestions, advice or guidance.

10.5 The Promoter may at any time disqualify any entry if it becomes aware of any fact, matter or allegation concerning the entry, entrant or their filmmaking team that may reflect adversely on or brings or might bring the Promoter, its brands, products or group companies into disrepute in any way.

10.6 If there is any reason to believe that there has been a breach of these terms and conditions, the Promoter may, at its sole discretion, reserve the right to exclude any entry from further participation in the Funding Award competition.

10.7 The Promoter reserves the right to hold void, suspend, cancel, or amend the Funding Award competition prior to the making of the Funding Awards where it becomes necessary to do so according to prevailing circumstances.

10.8 Insofar as is permitted by law, the Promoter, its delivery partners (including, without limitation, planetSHINE), agents, representative and distributors will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate any entrant/filmmaking team or accept any liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of the Funding Award competition, or taking up a Funding Award, except for personal injury resulting from its or their negligence.

10.9 These terms and conditions (including matters relating to their existence and validity) or any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with them or their subject matter, will be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.