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Kevin Gunn

Cell Leader

Joined July, 1998

“Working at Quorn is varied, different products, procedures and training opportunities bring new challenges gaining new skills and knowledge.”

What is your role/background at Quorn?

I am a Cell Leader on B Shift currently working in Q2/3 Packing Hall. Having worked for an agency for several months I secured permanent employment with Quorn Foods in July 1998. I had previously worked in construction and property maintenance so coming into the food industry was a big change. Over the years I have worked in all plants and in most areas of production learning many new skills. I was seconded to the Q4 commissioning team during construction using my experience to identify and implement equipment in key areas of the process. I applied and was successful in getting the role of Cell Leader in 2011 spending two years in the Normal Care area moving to the Packing Hall where I am at present.

What are your responsibilities?

I am responsible for the running of Q2/3 Packing Hall ensuring the products are packed in a safe and efficient process by ensuring all manufacturing standards and procedures are followed. I liaise with my Shift Manager, Engineers, Quality and SHE department making sure that all issues are resolved as quickly as possible. I monitor regularly that all checks and procedures are carried out and recorded accurately. Other responsibilities include weekly stock checks, package ordering and allocating tasks to Production Operators working in the Packing Hall.

What do you like most about working for Quorn?

Working at Quorn is varied; different products, procedures and training opportunities bring new challenges gaining new skills and knowledge.

What makes Quorn a great place to work?

Working with a good team of colleagues is an added benefit working for Quorn. We can enjoy a bit of banter while working hard ensuring targets, productivity and safety aspects are met.

What do you need to work for Quorn?

An ability to work alone and as a team is essential working for Quorn. Good communication skills are needed to liaise with different departments and management as well as organisational skills to manage a full working shift.

Something you didn't know about me?

In my free time I enjoy gardening. Although still a novice, I find it relaxing and of course eating home grown strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes is a plus!

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