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Quorn Foods Goes Wild with its Roarsome New Launch

30 March 2021

A first of its kind in the meat-free category, Quorn’s new dinosaur shaped vegan ROARSOMES nuggets are set to add some much-needed fun and wildness to dinner times.

There’s no denying that kids are the toughest food critics at times, with parents needing to constantly think outside the box when it comes to dinnertime. Well, fear no more, as Quorn ROARSOMES, the UK’s first dinosaur shaped vegan nuggets, are set to transform children’s plates and drive dino dinner excitement across the nation!

NEW Quorn Roarsomes, RRP £2.20, launching in Iceland in April and in other retailers in May – look out for them in the frozen meat-free aisle!

The crunchy nuggets, coated in delicious breadcrumbs, come in three different shaped dinosaurs, T-Rex, Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus, allowing for children and adults alike to let their imaginations run free and get creative when serving up their meals.

These awesomely, crispy nuggets are low in saturated fat, high in protein and dino-liciously tasty! Not only are they a great way to get kids excited about food, but they also provide a healthy, easy alternative to meat that they will love. 89% of consumers agreed that Roarsomes are healthier than similar meat products, making them perfect for families looking to cut back as they provide a nutritious protein source.

Quorn Roarsomes

With their flavoursome crispy crunch, these vegan Roarsome dinos will add flavour to your weekly menu, provide nutritious additions to your diet and get the kids excited about dinner. Like all Quorn products, Quorn Roarsomes are created with Quorn mycoprotein, a source of protein that is high in fibre and low in saturated fat and is also more sustainable to produce compared to meat proteins.

Gill Riley, Quorn – Marketing Director, said: Our Quorn “Roarsomes’ is one of the most exciting additions to their Quorn range yet. We feel that this launch drives perceptions of fun, stretching the brand into a more playful territory with 72% of consumers stating its new and different, and over 70% saying the product is exciting, playful, adventurous. We’re on a mission to constantly create delicious and innovative foods for vegetarians, vegans, and meat-reducers alike!

To find out more about Quorn Roarsomes:

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