Quorn Vegetarian Bacon

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Saturday mornings aren’t complete without a bacon butty. Whether you slather it in brown sauce, garnish it with tomato and lettuce, or opt to keep it simple, bacon is a national favourite.

Our Vegetarian Bacon is not only ideal for sandwiches but can be used in a wide range of dishes. Try it in everything from buckwheat pancakes to a mini Quiche Lorraine.

If your full English hasn’t been quite hitting the spot, then look no further – veggie fry-ups won’t be the same again with our Meat-free Bacon.

128 cals
(Per 100g)


5.2g of fat

Gluten free


Product information

High in protein
Low in saturated fat
No soy

Pack size: 120g (chilled)

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Cook up a storm with our tasty recipes. They’re delicious and are kind to the planet’s resources too. Win Win.

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* Based on 120g chilled pack of Quorn Vegetarian Bacon. Values shown represent farm to fork carbon footprints.

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