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Quorn Smugnuggs

Quorn opened the first nugget-only takeaway in London, one which was entirely meat-free!

Our nugget shop, SmugNuggs, was open between Thursday 23rd – Saturday 25th September 12-8 pm at 19 Kentish Town Road, Camden, London, NW1 8NH.

We offered free vegan and vegetarian nuggets to visitors. Including a nugget sandwich, a nugget kebab and a dinosaur-nugget kids meal.

Over 1500 nugget-lovers came on down to #SMUGNUGGS and made a simple swap to their usual takeaway-fix!

SmugNuggs Menu

Our delicious SmugNuggs menu spoiled Londoners for choice! From sandwiches and kebabs to sharing buckets and dino dishes – there was something for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike at our everything-nugget takeaway.

For full list of allergens and ingredients click here.

SmugNuggs Products

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That SmugNuggs Feeling

Feel as smug as a nugg with our mouth-watering Quorn Crispy Nuggets, which have a carbon footprint that is at least 29% lower than typical chicken nuggets. A simple swap can help lower your carbon footprint! For more info, click here.

Quorn Crispy Nuggets achieved ‘CO2 Measured’ certification by the Carbon Trust for the full life cycle of the product. Quorn Crispy Nuggets farm-to-factory gate carbon footprint, is at least 29% lower than typical chicken nuggets. Click here for details.

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