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How to Make the Perfect Vegan or Vegetarian Sandwich

Sandwiches, they’re the bread and butter of British lunchtimes. A staple for at-home snacking, on-the-go grazing and everyday pack ups, Brits don’t just like this humble creation – we love them! But what makes the vegan or vegetarian perfect sandwich?

Is it the bread? The filling? Your choice of sauce? We explore how to make the perfect sandwich…

Some sandwich-lovers are team brown bread, while others have pledged allegiance to sliced white and won’t touch a wholemeal loaf. A crowd-pleasing option is a farmhouse loaf. It’s soft texture and slightly crusted curved top is a great combination for our Quorn Finely Sliced Ham Style Slices. Pile on lettuce leaves and sliced tomatoes for a classic ham sarnie. There’s a whole world of bread to explore so why not up your sandwich game by exploring sweet brioche rolls, crusty sourdough or a tasty seeded bun.

Picking the best bread A sandwich isn’t a sandwich without the bread, so this is arguably one of your biggest decisions when rustling up your ideal creation. Selecting the best bread for a sandwich depends on two main factors: your preferences and your choice of filling. Be mindful of how you’ll layer your finished snack, choosing sturdier bread for heavy or moist fillings or light and fluffy options for simpler recipes.

Add the filling Some would say the sandwich filling is the star of the show. We obviously agree that what sits between the slices is the main event (just take a look at our new deli slices to see how much we love tasty meat free sandwich fillers). With so many perfect combos at your fingertips, you are totally spoilt for choice. Create the perfect balance by pairing soggier ingredients, such as hummus, cooked mushrooms and egg mayo, with fillers that will soak in moisture.

Try our Beef Bagel that uses a seeded bagel as a bed for our succulent Roast Beef Style Slices all topped off with creamy soft cheese and a fiery horseradish 'slaw.

Beef slices 4x3

Choose complementary condiments Whether it’s a simple slick of butter or a smearing of spicy chilli jam, a spread, sauce or condiment can make or break a butty. It’s the easiest way to add a punch of flavour that enhances your filling and balances your dry ingredients. Choose from popular picks like mayonnaise or mix it up with imaginative options. Our Vegan Caesar Salad Sandwich uses the iconic dressing – because it’s too tasty to reserve just for salad bowls. Don’t forget to layer with griddled gem lettuce and Quorn Roast Chicken Style Slices for a moreish delight.

So, what’s the winning formula? Though some combinations are undeniably tasty, in the end the trick to making the perfect sandwich is all down to personal preference. So, snap up your fave baked bread and stack it high with delicious fillings and tasty sauces.

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