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Vegetarian & Vegan Picnic Tips

There's no better way get into the summer spirit than with an over the top cottage-core glamping-style picnic. Only one that’s meat-free of course!

To celebrate the great(ish) British outdoors, we’ve teamed up with vegan cheese alternative brand, Violife, to bring you some boujee meat-free picnic recipes and hacks.

So dust off your completely-impractical-but-totally-the-part wicker basket, roll out a blankie and dine al-fresco!

Vegan Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups

Who doesn’t love finger food? Layer flour tortillas with smooth Violife Creamy, topped with Quorn Vegan Smoky Ham Free Slices and Violife Smoky Cheddar Flavour Slices. Sliced into bite sized pieces. Perfect for kids and big-kids alike.

TIP: Use a muffin baking tin as a handy snack platter. Fill the empty holes with finger foods such as fruit, chopped carrots, picnic eggs and these tasty roll-ups!

Vegan Bruschetta with Pepperoni and Feta

Though you might not make it to the Amalthea coast this year, you can sure dine like it! Our Vegan Bruschetta is topped with Quorn Vegan Pepperoni and Violife Greek White Block for a tasty appetiser - perfect for summer picnicking.

TIP: Pre-make and pack your bruschetta topping at home to easily top your bread outdoors. Used jam jars make great containers for salads and sandwich fillings and help reduce your waste too!

Vegan Ploughman's

The classic pub lunch gets a vegan update! With Quorn Vegan Smoky Ham Free Slices and Violife Epic Mature Cheddar Flavour Block, our Vegan Ploughman's is the perfect sandwich for enjoying in the sun.

TIP: Avoid making sandwiches with soft bread as these can get soggy overtime. Instead opt for rye, pitta or sourdough which aren’t only a great source of fibre they will also keep your sarnies crisp!

Here at Quorn, we’re big on sustainability. We believe that keeping your picnic not only meat-free, but also low-waste, is the best way to dine outside. So, embrace the great outdoors and nature in all its glory by following our handy low waste picnic tips.

Low Waste Picnic Tips

1. Clinging on

Ditch the plastic cling film and foil wrap this summer, which so often ends up as waste. Instead, store your picnic food in reusable containers, washable grocery bags or reusable food wraps.

2. Store, store, store

You don’t need the latest eco-friendly bamboo Tupperware to pack up your lunch. Used jars make great transportation for salads, snacks, dips and smoothies and are completely reusable and recyclable!

3. BYO

Plastic and paper plates and cups can rarely be reused and often end up in landfill. Packing your plates, cutlery and mugs from home doesn’t take up much room in your picnic hamper and can be easily transported back and washed post-picnic.

4. Take it home

Bring extra containers to store any leftovers which you can eat up at home. For any waste you do make, be sure to bring your own bin liner or tote bag to take it home to recycle and compost!

5. Make Ahead

Our delicious meat-free ingredients make it simple to prep delicious snacks and sandwiches, perfect for a picnic. Make and pack ahead with out tasty, homemade vegetarian and vegan sandwich and wrap recipes, here.

It’s time to Pinterest your picnic inspo and stock up on Quorn’s picnic essentials for your hamper! For flavour-filled ideas, visit our picnic food recipe hub. For tasty deli and on-the-go products, view our range of savoury snacks here - perfect to pick up for a picnic!

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