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How to throw a meat free street party

A street party is a great way to get to know your neighbours better, throw a full day of activities and dine al fresco with friends. Whether it’s meat-free nibbles, sandwiches, sharing platters or bakes. Be the highlight of the party with our wide selection of vegetarian and vegan street food.

We've got you covered with our great tasting vegan and vegetarian recipes from delicious salads, sandwiches, pies and more!

With the Bank Holidays fast approaching, your thoughts may turn to the all-important menu planning and catering of a street party or picnic.

But what about us flexis, veggies, vegans and I’m-cutting-down-my-red-meaties?

Whether it’s nibbles, sandwiches, sharing patters or bakes. We’ve got you covered with our great tasting vegan and vegetarian Bank Holiday recipes, perfect for a long weekend with friends and family!

Feast your pies on this

mini pork pies 4x3 copy

Did somebody say pie? Nothing screams great British summer like a pie. Whether shortcrust or puff pastry we have some delicious vegan and vegetarian pie recipes, perfect hot or cold.

Quorn Vegetarian Coronation Chicken Pie

It wouldn’t be a bank holiday without this super delicious Coronation pie that’s the perfect showstopper for the whole family to share. Traditionally made with chicken thighs or breasts marinated in a spicy yogurt dressing, our meatless version uses Quorn Fillets and spiced mango to capture all the flavours you know and love.

Mini Vegan Pork Pies

And don’t just stop at one pie. Serve up the nation’s favourite – the almighty pork pie – but with a twist. Our porkless pies are completely meat free and completely delicious. Made using our vegan Brilliant Banger sausages, pickle and apple. These tasty little pies are served with a quick & easy homemade piccalilli for a tasty addition to any picnic blanket or grazing board. Make these Vegan Pork Pies for yourself!

Gimme a quiche

Vegan quiche 4X3 crop copy

Looking for a way to make your quiche eggless? Then look no further. Our quiche recipes are 100% vegan and simply delicious. Try these to make a showstopping centrepiece or make them bite sized for your street party platter.

Vegan Ham & Cheese Quiche

For a classic quiche try pieces of our Vegan Smoky Ham Free Slices mixed in a creamy tofu and plant milk batter with tangy vegan cheese. Top with fresh chives and serve alongside pan-fried asparagus. View the recipe here.

Easy Vegan Sausage Quiche

If you’re looking for something meatier try our vegan Brilliant Banger sausages in a quiche. Our simple recipe is perfect for your summer street party this year! Fill flaky puff pastry with slices of Quorn Brilliant Bangers and a creamy silken tofu batter. Find the recipe here.

Don’t forget the salad!

Coronation Chicken Salad 4x3 crop copy

Pastries are delicious, there’s no denying it. But you’ve got to have a bit of variety for a street feast. They’ll be no sad salads at our party, our meat free recipes have got it all! They’re tasty, healthy and stunning!

Quorn Vegetarian Coronation Chicken Salad

This one’s a real gem. Succulent pieces of Quorn Fillets and fresh cherries makes this salad a real summer hit! Sweetened up with pomegranate seeds for extra summer flair. Try making this Vegetarian Coronation Chicken Salad for yourself!

Vegan Caesar Salad

Or try our meat-free take on the classic salad. Made with Quorn Vegan Fillets, our vegan Caesar salad recipe is a healthier way to enjoy this flavourful dish and one all your guests are sure to enjoy.

No pain, no grain

Quorn Coronation Sandwich copy

Whether you go triangle or rectangle, finger sandwiches are a must for your street party. No matter if you make a banging VLT or prefer a classic ham and cheese one things for certain sandwiches taste better in bite size.

Vegan Coronation Sandwich

Our creamy Coronation no-chicken sandwich combines Quorn Sweet Chilli Mini Fillets with all the flavours of a classic coronation sarnie. Simple and quick to prepare, you can find this must-try recipe here.

Vegan Ploughman’s

The classic pub lunch gets a vegan update! With Quorn Vegan Smoky Ham Free Slices and vegan cheese slices, our Vegan Ploughman's is a quick and easy meat-free meal. Topped with homemade quick-pickled onions and ploughman's relish, this sarnie is packed with flavour.

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Last but not least (because of course you need the nibbly bits) are the grazing platters. Fill your snacking platters with all your favourite Quorn products. Simply choose your favourites from our snacking range, add some dips and sides then dive straight in. From Cocktail Sausages to Picnic Eggs and delicious Quorn Bites, find all our ready-to-eat vegan and vegetarian snacks here.

Looking for more inspiration? Discover our full snacking range and all our Bank Holiday recipe ideas that are perfect for long weekends with friends and family!

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