Since giving birth to Rose, my already busy life has got even more hectic. I'm trying to run my own business, train for running races and plan a wedding, all whilst looking after a three month old. Sometimes it's really tempting to skip meals to save time, but I also know that it is really important to eat regular meals. So how do I cope?

I have to say that investing in a slow cooker was one of my best recent purchases. It doesn't matter how busy I am, all I have to do is spend a couple of minutes throwing ingredients in and then I can forget about it, knowing that come the evening, there will be a delicious meal waiting. I love using it to make stews and soups. Another favourite of mine is chilli con carne. All I have to do is dice an onion and pepper and add to the cooker along with chilli peppers or powder, garlic, Quorn Meat Free Mince, a can of tomatoes and the secret ingredient – a square of dark chocolate. I'll always make a large batch and enjoy with rice in the evening and then have the leftovers the next day over a jacket potato, or perhaps use to make easy enchiladas.

Another Quorn favourite of mine and a great time saver are the Meat Free Chicken Style Pieces Stir fried with peppers and onions, these make a quick and easy stir-fry to serve in wraps. If I'm feeling the need for something slightly different, I'll season with a dash of soy sauce and add bamboo shoots and water chestnuts to make a Chinese chop-suey type dish, to serve over rice.

With forward thinking and staples always in the fridge and cupboards, there is never any excuse for being too busy to cook healthy slow cooker meals!

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