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Meat Free BBQ Guide

It’s BBQ season and what better way to celebrate the Great British Summer than firing up the grill and dining al fresco.

Whether you’re vegetarian yourself or catering for others, ensuring you have tasty meat-free recipes at your BBQ is a great way to please all diners.

With our delicious range of BBQ-friendly meat-free alternatives there will be plenty of food to go round which the whole family will enjoy.

Here’s our BBQ guide, top tips and recipes to ensure your vegan and vegetarian grilling goes down a storm. And don’t worry if the weather’s bad all the following recipes can be made in the great indoors!

Veggie Quarter Pounder


Whether you go burger or banger your meat-free alternative will need to take centre stage. Layer on with all your favourite toppings, and sauces or try some of our tasty BBQ recipes.

Our meaty Quorn Quarter Pounders are delicious with roasted veg, guaranteed to please any BBQ-goer. The homemade burger sauce takes this dish to the next level but also works great with ketchup, BBQ sauce and mustard. Don’t forget the homemade spicy skin-on fries to add a bit of bang to your bite (if you can handle it). Try our burger, fries and sauce recipe here, perfect for your next family BBQ

If you’re opting for a sausage (though we recommended both) a simple hot dog just won't do. Instead, treat yourself this summer with these fully loaded chilli dogs! Succulent Quorn veggie sausages topped with a homemade chilli and melted cheese. Garnish with toppings of onion, coriander and red chilli - it’s the best way to enjoy a hot dog! Serve with rosemary sweet potato fries for extra indulgence, recipe here.

TIP: when BBQing, lay a slice of cheese on top of each burger once one side is cooked and the other is 2-3 minutes away from cooking for perfectly melted cheese

Meatball Skewers with Lime and Garlic


Fries aside, there are many more vegan and vegetarian finger foods which go great with any burger or hot dog.

Try Quorn Swedish Style Balls on the grill. Our BBQ’d meatballs are grilled in a zesty lime and roasted garlic sauce and are ready in just 30 minutes! The homemade roasted garlic aioli is a delicious addition to this tasty snack, find out how to make it in the recipe, here.

And what better way to accompany your burger than with a mini burger! Sliders are fast becoming the latest BBQ must-have in the UK after taking influence from our American friends across the pond. Try our mini sliders recipe made with Quorn Vegan Crunchy Nuggets. Bite-sized and irresistible! View the recipe here.

TIP: add labels to your sides and platters to help family and friends make up their plate, buffet-style

sweet chilli skewers 4x3 crop copy


A vegetarian classic, but much more than just grilled veg. Skewers and kebabs are a great way to enjoy a lighter BBQ and can be tailored and customised to your taste.

Our Hot and Spicy bites will take your BBQ kebabs to the next level, delicious with a side of tortilla bread and don’t forget the homemade bang bang sauce! Perfect as a main meal or just on the side, recipe here.

Our vegan fillets also make great skewers. Try on the grill with our Asian-Style Skewers recipe with red onion. Seasoned with a Chinese spice mix and served with a delicious fresh coleslaw made with pak choi, red cabbage, cucumbers, spring onions and almonds. Great for a vegan BBQ! Cut all your kebab ingredients to a similar size so your skewers cook evenly. Slice your Vegan Fillets in equal parts for a delicious and perfectly grilled kebab, here.

TIP: if using wooden skewers soak in water for 30 minutes before BBQing to prevent burning on the grill.

Quorn Meat Free Ceaser Salad


Spring and summer are great times to cook with fresh seasonal produce and what better way of incorporating these than in a salad. Try our Easy Thai Salad with Quorn Mince that makes use of delicious seasonal vegetables for May, such as radishes, spring greens and spring onions, here.

Our top tips for salad are to keep it fresh - use local and seasonal salad and vegetables. And don’t be afraid of fruit! Pears, grapes, pomegranate seeds and even strawberries can easily transform a bland salad into something sweet and exciting. And of course, don’t hold off on the dressing. Our vegetarian Caesar salad recipe is made with Quorn Fillets and Bacon Slices covered in a creamy vegan Caesar dressing. Get the recipe here.

TIP: add in some crunch - crispy chickpeas, nuts and seeds all make delicious toppings to your salad

Quorn ChiQin Group GIF 390-1- copy


It wouldn't be a barbie without sauce. Making homemade BBQ sauce is a delicious way to upgrade your dishes, while tailoring to match your taste. Sauces can be used in BBQ prepping, cooking and serving - but it’s also important to have lots of delicious options for your family and friends.

Our Chicago-Style Vegetarian Hot Dog are served with mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and BBQ sauce all prepared on a platter so that you can simply choose your favourite toppings! Made with Quorn Sausages which can be ready from BBQ to plate in less than 15 minutes, try here.

TIP: marinate Quorn products before BBQing for 20 minutes-overnight to add additional moisture and flavour to your food

Making your BBQ meat-free is made simpler with Quorn. Explore our delicious vegan and vegetarian burger products here or visit our BBQ recipe hub to inspire your cooking this summer. Happy grilling!

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