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Introducing: Ultimate Burger

A new day is dawning for burger lovers. In preparation for Summer BBQs across the land, food pioneers here at Quorn® have unveiled a new vegan masterpiece.

Our new, Vegan ULTIMATE BURGER is set to deliver an EPIC taste and texture experience.

ULTIMATE BURGER means no compromise when it comes to meat reduction. It’s a thick cut gourmet quarter-pounder, with the same look, taste and texture of a regular burger and it grills perfectly on the BBQ. Succulent with the juice of “beets”, it delivers an epic moment of mouth-watering deliciousness with every bite.

For gourmet action in the comfort of your own home; choose your favourite bun, chargrill your burger, layer with sliced vegan cheese and grill for an additional minute. Then build with sliced gherkin and iceberg lettuce, drizzle with homemade BBQ mayo and Quorn Ultimate Burger is set to match the experience of any restaurant burger. Now that’s what we’ve all been craving!

To find out more about Quorn Ultimate Burger, click here.