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Egg in a Hole Bagel with Quorn Finely Sliced Ham and Cheese

Bagel sliced in half filled with a runny egg, Quorn Finely Sliced Ham Style Slices and topped with melted cheese.

This Egg in a Hole Bagel is the perfect work from home lunch or weekend brunch idea. A delicious breakfast bagel filled with delicious Quorn Finely Sliced Ham, melted cheese and a soft runny egg! This bagel recipe idea is the one for a lazy weekend, it’s super easy to make by simply cracking your egg into the bagel hole and baking for 10-15 minutes and voila!

Recipe by @emilyscooking_.

Quorn Finely Sliced Ham Style Slices packaging.

Made with Quorn Finely Sliced Ham Style Slices

High in Protein

Source of Fibre

Low in Saturated Fat



  1. Carefully slice your bagels in half.
  2. Add a drizzle of olive oil to some baking paper. Place the top half of the bagels face down. On the other side of the baking paper add the Quorn Finely Sliced Ham Style Slices first and then half of the cheese, then add the bottom of half of the bagel on top of this.
  3. Crack your eggs into the top half of the bagel, ensuring your yolk lands in the bagel hole. Add the rest of the cheese on top of this as well as the salt, pepper, oregano and garlic powder to season.
  4. Place in either the air fryer or oven at 180 degrees for 12-15 minutes depending on how runny you want your yolk to be.
  5. Assemble and enjoy!

Recipe by @emilyscooking_.

Chefs tip

Top this with any sauce or garnish you like! We’d recommend sriracha mayo and spring onions.

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