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A Tasty Alternative

Succulent, tasty and 100% meat free.

Layer up Quorn Roast Beef, Chicken, Finely Sliced Ham and Yorkshire Ham Style Slices for a tasty swap into lunchtimes.

Don’t just take our word for it either! Once you see our tasty deli slices and meet our friends pig, cow and chicken in our TV advert, we’re sure you will be asking yourself ‘what alternative?’

The full range is high in protein, a source of fibre & low in sat fat, so it’s easy to switch to a meat free filling at lunch with our range of tasty, ready-to-eat, sandwich slices.

Quorn Deli Slices. So Tasty, Why Choose the Alternative?

Watch our TV ad

We’re all about tasty lunchtimes… just like our friends pig, cow and chicken.

Watch our stars of the show in our TV ad as they playfully share how delicious our range of Quorn Deli Slices are. We are sure you will love the taste, as much as Lisa.

Take a peek at our TV ad here – lip smacking taste guaranteed!

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Meet the cast

Perry T. Pigg

After finding fame in a critically acclaimed West End production of Ham-let, porcine thespian Perry T. Pigg launched a failed career as a soul singer before finding his true calling as a highly sought after voiceover artist. Wanting to do his bit to help animals everywhere, he recently signed a four year deal with Quorn, waiving his usual fee and providing his deep, dulcet tones free of charge.

Clarence Zuckermusk

Despite a tendency to ‘play dumb’ in public, behind closed barn doors Clarence is actually a shrewd business-cow with an eye for a sure thing. After making record profits in the cryptocurrency market he purchased a 51% controlling share in Quorn and is dedicated to creating a meat-free future.

Chickson Farley

A familiar face on the Ibiza club scene, Chickson has a reputation for partying hard and some reports indicate she came to the Quorn Deli shoot directly from the dance floor. Although her claims to have invented the ‘Funky Chicken’ are unconfirmed, her dedication to our cause is beyond refute and we are grateful to have her on the project.

Our deli products

Explore our range of deli slices - delicious Roast Beef, Chicken & Finely Sliced Ham Style Slices, and our succulent Yorkshire Ham Style Slices.

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Recipe Inspiration

From a meat free version of the classic wafer thin ham sandwich, to a succulent Yorkshire ham baguette or roast beef bagel, you’ll find inspo for all your lunchtime favourites with our easy to prep, delicious deli recipes!

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Don’t forget to tag us in your grazing boards, sandwiches and recipes with our Finely Sliced Ham, Yorkshire Ham, Roast Beef and Roast Chicken Style Slices using the hashtag #QuornDeli on social media.