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Tasty Resolutions Tips

Whether you're looking for tasty meat free mealtime inspiration or have a specific goal for eating healthier this year, read our brand-new blog for recipe ideas, healthy hacks and easy swaps to kick-start your new year!

At Quorn, we’re big believers in making positive change so we’re here to help you stick to your New Year resolutions with simple tips, tasty swaps and of course, some of our favourite recipe ideas to keep you on track.

Thinking about meal prepping?

Planning ahead is a great way to stick to a new diet and meal prepping can help you achieve just that. Our meal prep ideas can help you save time, manage portion sizes and follow specific diets. Try our Hawaiian BBQ bowl with Quorn Pieces and Greek Style Quorn Fillets – both can be easily cooked in batch and reheated throughout the week. You can prep for any meal occasion, whether brunch, lunch or dinner – explore our recipe hub full of delicious ideas here.

Why not make healthy snacking part of your weekly meal prep routine too? Try our on-the-go food range, many of which are ready to eat and lunch box friendly.

Low-cal dinner inspo

If you’re looking for low-cal dinner inspo browse our tasty, meat-free recipes which are all under 500 calories, here. From a low-cal take on lasagne with aubergine and butternut squash to a tasty Quorn Meatball tagine made with our Swedish Style Balls.

Explore our range of low-fat, healthy recipes and discover a variety of delicious meat free dishes which are low in fat but not low in flavour, here. Make simple swaps to family favourites such as our Vegetarian Chilli Con Carne or Cottage Pie made with our high in protein and low in saturated fat Quorn Mince.

Quorn mycoprotein can help increase satiety meaning it can help you feel fuller for longer, therefore reducing your overall energy intake. Make the switch in your favourite meals with Quorn to help manage your portions and calorie control this year.

Full of fibre recipes

Fibre is an essential nutrient for our gut health, but many of us just simply aren’t eating enough of it. Get the nutrients you need the tasty way with full on fibre recipes, here. With plenty of protein and fibre, Quorn is the perfect way to incorporate more healthy fibre foods into your diet. Try our high fibre Quorn Steak Strips in a pearl barley and salsa verde salad, or our Creamy crème fraiche Pasta with Quorn Fillets for a dish bursting with fibre and flavour!

Our super protein, Quorn mycoprotein, contains an amazing 6g of fibre per 100g, helping you meet your dietary fibre needs as well as being a great source of protein! For more tips on how to get fibre into your diet, read our Fibre FAQ blog by our in-house Registered Associate Nutritionists, here.

5 step recipes

Improving your cooking skills or the amount you cook from home starts with simple steps. If you’re not familiar with cooking with Quorn or want to make tasty meals with not too much hassle our 5 in 5 recipes are perfect for you. These delicious meals are all speedy to prep, cook and serve - made with just 5 ingredients in 5 simple steps. From a creamy Thai Green Curry made with Quorn Pieces to loaded Sweet Potato Tinga with Quorn Mince - there are many ways to cook with Quorn using just a few ingredients in your pantry.

Check out our cooking guides for extra tips in your kitchen. From an air fryer 101 to the ultimate guide to cooking sausages, view all our cooking blogs and tips, here.

Tasty Resolutions with Quorn

Whatever your goal for the New Year, we’ve so much inspiration to help you start the year tasty! Explore our healthier vegan and vegetarian recipe hub and get those ovens going.

Don’t forget to check out our brand-new, bursting with flavour meat-free products to help you kick-start your new year, here.

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